National Office
                                                     ICITP Headquarters (New Delhi, India)
                                                                Functions under Secretary General

 Zonal   Bodies (8 Zones)
President/Secretary responsible for respective operations

EXECUTIVE BODY (2014-2017)

Chief Advisor   – Mr. Jebra Ram Muchahary (M-08876669606)
Chief President – Dr.(Mrs.) Usha Rani Minz  (M-09009154321)
Chief Vice President – Mr. S. Chinnappan (M-09443516290)
Secretary General – Dr. Cecil C. Khakha (M-09810511081)
Chief Treasurer – Mr. G.S. Pushkar (M-09980461395)
Asst. Secretary General – Mr. Cherring Lal Negi (M-09418572700)

Executive Members :
1. Mr. Kolhi Wetsah (M-09862485657)
2. Mr. M. Simhachalam (M-09440510330)
3. Dr. Velaram Ghogra (M-09828275662)
4. Mr. Arjun Indwar (M-08981087077)
5. Mr. Jacob Kujur
6. Mr. Nabor Ekka (M-09868112705)

  Full Time Staff at National Office:
1. Chief Coordinator
2. Assistant Coordinator (Projects)
3. Assistant Coordinator (Women’s Programmes)
4. Office Assistant cum Caretaker

  Zonal Offices:
1. Chief Coordinator
2. Assistant Coordinator
3. Office Assistant cum Caretaker


As per the Society’s constitution, the Secretary General is the Chief Functionary of the Society and is responsible for its day to day affairs. Project design and planning are therefore carried out under the Secretary General’s control with assistance from the Chief Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator (Projects). Implementation is managed by the zonal bodies (and member organizations) spread all across the country. External help is occasionally enlisted for review and evaluation.


Day to day finances/accounts are handled by the Assistant Coordinator. Professional help is hired on a part-time basis to oversee account records and auditing. Yearly budgets are approved by the Governing Body.

Official Auditors:  M/s ATJ & Associates, Chartered Accountants
204 , Mandir Commercial Complex, Masjid Moth, NDSE II,
New Delhi-110049    


Organizationally, ICITP works among the Indigenous and
Tribal Peoples in India’s eight geographical regions.

Zonal Governing Body Members :

  1. Delhi Zone (National Capital Region) :
    Mr. Nabor Ekka  (President) M-09868112705
    Dr. Cecil C. Khakha (Secretary) M-09810511081
    Ms. Phulkeria Minz (Treasurer) M-09871058803
  1. North West Zone(Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir & Uttrakhand) :
    Mr. Ramesh Mastana (President)  M-09418101583
    Mr. Cherring Lal Negi(Secretary) M-09418572700
    Mr. Chander Kirti (Treasurer) M-09418623871
  1. West Zone (Rajasthan, Gujrat, M.P. and Maharastra) :
    Dr. Velaram Ghogra (President) M-09828275662
    Mr. Lalsingbhai G. Pargi (Secretary) M-09879084563
    Mr. Raju Pandhara (Treasurer) M-09096757110
  1. South Zone(Tamil Nadu, Kerela and  Karnataka)  :
    Mr. S. Chinnappan (President) M-09443516290
    Mr. G.S.Pushkar (Secretary) M-09980461395
    Dr. M.Ponnumasamy (Treasurer) M-09626454417
  1. South East Zone(Andhra Pradesh, Odisha(South-West) & Chattisgarh(South)  :
    Mr. Adapa Bhonju Naidu (President) M-08985883938
    Mr. M. Simhachalam(Secretary) M-09440510330
    Mr. K. Yadagiri(Treasurer) M-09441437704
  1. Central Zone(Jharkhand,Odisha(North-East) and Chattisgarh(North) :
    Mr. Jullen Vikas Sanga (Convenor-Jharkhand) M-09234632443
    Dr. Oscar Tirkey (Convenor-Chattisgarh) M-09993345528
    Mrs. Lily Kujur (Convenor-Odisha) M-09777257189
  1. East Zone (West Bengal , Andaman Nicobar Islands)  :
    Mr. Baidya Nath Hembram (Convenor) M-09433025921
    Mr. Bandhan Oraon (Co-Convenor) M-09434078356
    Mr. Arjun Indwar (Co-Convenor) M-08981087077
  1. North East Zone (All 8 sister states of North East India) :
    Mr. Jebra Ram Muchahary (President) M-08876669606
    Mr. Sanmoni Kemprai (Secretary) M-09957985500
    Mr. Kolhi Wetsah (Treasurer) M-09862485657



  1. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Registration No. S / 26999 of 1994
    Date of Registration: 22-11-1994, Place: Registrar of Societies , Delhi.
  1. FCRA                 – Registration No. 231660020 Date: 18/11/1999
  1. PAN  No.             AABTT0025H
  1.   Income Tax Registration under Section 12A on 30/3/2009