Adivasi Issues in the News


  • The Wire

    The tribal sub-plan fund is being siphoned off in ways that may prove highly dangerous for Adivasi communities.

  • The Citizen

    As India conducts parliamentary polls, noted Dalit activist Martin Macwan has come out with a landmark book documenting atrocities against Dalits and Adivasis ...

  • Economic and Political Weekly

    In the context of the Supreme Court's verdict on the entry of women in Sabarimala, the article examines the claim raised by the Mala Araya Adivasi community in ...

  • The Citizen

    This writer, soon after writing an investigative piece on how illegal mining and industrialization in large pockets of Odisha by corporate big houses.

  • The Wire

    A mob attacked Adivasi villagers while they were carving an ox which had died of natural causes last week. One man was killed.


    On January 31, speaking in Parliament during the interim Budget session, President Ram Nath Kovind noted that under the central government's Digital India ...

  • NewsClick

    New Delhi: Singing songs of resistance in the scorching heat, over 6,000 workers have been sitting on an indefinite strike for the past eight days in Badwani, ...

  • The Hindu

    It is tragic that 'New India' chooses to attack Adivasis and forest-dwellers instead of those destroying its ecology.